Bill Gates

Though my substantial computer education has been through strong doses of open source and Richard Stallman, I feel indebted to Mr. William Gates III.
3 days after he quit his legendary Microsoft.

Mr. Gates through his Microsoft gave us humans a lot to feel happy and indebted. Whatever may be his motive, he's a visionary, who has contributed laudably to the human society at large and is still doing with his charity foundation.
Its difficult to imagine a life without my laptop right now and without all those (cheap) desktops all around the place. Such large scale usage of personal computers have substantially been made possible by his maiden attempt at an universal language for comp hardwares independent of the vendor, starting right from his enthusiastic dabbling with DOS back in the 80's.
If its difficult to grasp, just imagine a life with an Apple market monopoly... its gruesome.

One fact is that, the opensource guys would have found it difficult to exist if it wouldn't be for the company they loathe so much. What good Linux would have been without affordable comps?

Though I always prefer a Linux over any other OS, I still feel that the way Microsoft, Windows and Gates have been able to revolutionize our way of life is sincerely commendable.
Therefore, as this man leaves behind a legacy, hard to re-produce or, excel by an individual, he deserves admiration and respect from everyone, even from his adversaries.

Puzzling Forbes List

I was having a look at the Forbes list of world billionaires, and to my great surprise discovered 4 Indians sitting tight in the top 10 list!
What is this world coming to? If one goes by numbers, there are only 2 U.S. guys, Buffet and Gates (as usual), Carlos Slim, a Mexican telecom magnate, followed by a train of the 4 Indians: Mittal, the Ambani brothers and KP Singh, then comes a giant each from Sweden, Russia and Germany.

The cumulative wealth of the Ambani brothers happens to be well over $80 bil, and add to that the fact that these two had achieved the largest growth in the past year, worldover.

As an Indian I loved it, but then there is a fact that bothers me : whereas Gates and Buffet have set aside a handsome share of their personal wealth for charity, the Indian guys out there seems to be less sensitive to such issues, although these are the people who being from the subcontinent and living there (except Mr. Mittal) should actually be more sensitive. To embellish this bewildering numbness towards such burning issues in their own society, Mr. Mukesh Ambani happens to be on his way to construct a 27 storey home!
Well maybe its their (comparative) young age or, simply because they are Indians.

Anyways, a question remains : What happened to Mrs. Gandhi's (weird) attempt at Indian socialism?

remote x-server

I just came across something entirely new today.
the university server supports x-serv on remote-host.
its kinda cool.
i could see the pics and the pdf's approximately properly. then i went a step ahead... i tried to run audio files and then the video ones. and !!! it works. though quite patchy cramped up, but it works :)

cool stuff ...