Einstein - God

Many a times I've come across the banal usage of Einstein's quotes that invoke the word "God". Einstein's philosophical writings do not show any significant adherence to a deity in the usual sense of the term "God". Einstein differed on principle when it came to any collective ideology, be it nationalism or organized religion. The very idea of a mass taking part in collective activity is an intellectual anathema. The most important reason for the utter naiveté involved in quoting Einstein is that he's after all a scientist. A human scientist. He is not beyond reproach, neither is he infallible. Unlike patriarchal prophets of gods, a scientist cannot be an egoist regarding his intellectual engagements. Therefore, Einstein's arguments or pronouncements are not capital truths, less so are his opinions. Quoting him doesn't  attest to the veracity of any argument.

What is "artificial"?

If humans are a part of Nature, then why are their creations "artificial"? It makes little sense to worry about how humans may harm Nature. The only harm we maybe causing is to the survival of the species homo sapiens sapiens. Rest of the chatter is pure hubris.

Abrahamic Monotheism

The trio comprising of the Old and New Testaments and the Quran forms the defining elements of the departure from the pantheon of El that Abraham undertook. In his footsteps developed a characteristic notion of a true God which over generations shaped into the monotheistic school of Abraham.

The peculiar aspect of this brand of monotheism is acknowledging the existence of many Gods. However only one, namely the Abrahamic God, is the "real" one. This makes me wonder what is monotheism?: Is it the belief that there is one deity, God, who may express itself in many forms, or the assertion that there are many deities, all but one of whom is the true/real God?